Saher Dia is a Lebanese fashion designer born and raised in UAE,Abu Dhabi , he established his atelier in 1997.

 His start into fashion commenced at a young age. His inspiration then and until today is the beauty and femininity of women. His passion and approach are expressed in classic and elegant designs that define his simple style.

 He studied fashion design in Beirut and was noted as rare talent amongst his peers. With attention to detail and love for the finest fabrics he launched his first Couture Collection in 2003 at a fashion show in Abu Dhabi. The show generated a lot of interest and praise from local and regional press alike. The 2003 show gained him a loyal following from women who were inspired by his design’s simple grace and elegance that became synonymous with glamour.

 In 2006 his first Fashion show outside the UAE took place in Beirut with almost 500 guests and press from around the region in attendance. The show made him a household name for women seeking to express a sense of style that epitomized femininity.

Ongoing with successful shows throughout the years between Dubai and Beirut. His next step was held in Paris Fashion week which took place in George V, January and July 2016/2017. After his outstanding show he was selected to be the guest of honor at the Serbian Embassy in France at the Serbian Fashion Day.

His client base includes royalty & VIPs from across the GCC & Levant.